Istanbul: City of Two Continents


Hi all, I would like share some places that you may visit in Istanbul especially for those who have never been in Istanbul. I always go and visit these places with my friends and guests. Here there are some main points and most known places. There are more and more places but I strongly advice to see these places first.

1.Topkapi Palace (Topkapı Sarayi)


This is the place you can find all Ottoman and Islam history.It is the most important museum of Istanbul and Turkey. In this museum they exhibit plenty of historical article like ottoman weapons knifes clothes (ottoman emporers’s and important persons)  jewelers etc.Also this museum is important because of islamic articles.They exhibit clothes of Hz. Mohammed , sword of Hz Mohammed and more stuffs and more articles belong to important persons in Islam.As you know Ottoman emperors were khalif of Islam that’s why all precious articles are kept in this museum.There are so many things to  tell about this places.You can spend one day here from early morning till night.

Some links you can search more:ı_Palace

2.Sultanahmet District


It is the place inside of old city and so many historical places are inside Sultanahmet.Topkapı palace is very close to this district also.You can walk and discover so many historical things in this place like small old mosques , hamams , ancient statues etc.

3.Hagia Sophia Museum 


It is ancient church  converted to a mosque by Conquer Fatih Sultan Mehmet after 1453 AD.It is really amazing architectural masterpiece.You must definitely see it also it is inside of Sultanahmet district.

 4. Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii)


Again one masterpiece same district. It is the mosque give its name to this district “Sultan Ahmet Camii).

 5. Suleymaniye Mosque (Süleymaniye Camii)


It is the masterpiece of great Turkish architecture  Sinan and famous and biggest mosque in Istanbul. Must see!!!

6. Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarnacı)


It is located in opposite of Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque). it’s a nice, mysterious place.

7. Grand Bazaar (Kapali Carsi)


Grand old bazaar of Istanbul. There are so many goods like gold jewelery clothes foods spices. It is located to Beyazit not so far from Sultan Ahmet. Be careful when you want to buy something they may increase prices for tourists.

8. Galata Tower


Ancient byzantine tower at the other side of Golden Horn. (What is Golden Horn ?? so look at this link: ) You can go upside of tower and watch all Istanbul. It is great feeling

9.Taksim square and Istiklal Street


Center of Istanbul is Taksim square and Istiklal  Street. It is best known place in Istanbul. You can walk day and night look at every kind of shops have lunch,dinner,cafe and do shopping.When you walk upside from Galata Tower you will reach end of Istiklal Street (You may ask how to go ) and when you continue through on this street you will reach Taksim Square.

10. Dolmabahce Palace (Dolmabahce Sarayı)

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Dolmabahce was the residence of the last sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Besides a very glamorous palace. It is an amazing palace that you can visit in Istanbul.It is on the Bosporus in the European side of Istanbul.

This palace is in Besiktas district. It is a good place also you can walk near to sea and discover small shops center of area.

11. Miniaturk 


Miniatürk is a miniature park situated at the north-eastern shore of Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey. It is one of the world’s largest miniature parks with its 15,000 m2 (160,000 sq ft) model area.

The park contains 122 models done in 1/25th scale. 58 of the structures are from Istanbul, 52 are from Anatolia, and 12 are from the Ottoman territories that today lie outside of Turkey. Also featured are historic structures like the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus.

12.Ortakoy (Ortaköy)


After visiting Dolmabahce Palace you take the sea right  and  continue to walk (30 minutes) after you will be arriving Ortakoy which is place I love so much. You can watch Bosphorus and sit in luxury cafes eat Kumpir ( ) drink turkish tea. There is a small mosque near to Ortakoy. It can be good idea to visit this mosque also .

( )

By the way there are Bosphorus yacht  tours in Ortakoy just near to small port.You must join one of these tours. It is really amazing feeling. Also you can see a lot of old home settle near to Bosphorus.

13.Maiden’s Tower (Kız Kulesi)


I have never been there still now. Generally people go there when they propose marriage to their girl friends.But It must have amazing landscape. You can pass with small boats from Uskudar Salacak(Asia side of Istanbul). Here some link to search more

14.Rumeli Fortress (Rumeli Hisarı)


Old castle made to protect Istanbul by Byzantine Empire.You can visit and spend some time around walk near to sea.



Another nice area of Istanbul. It is located to Asia side of city. You can go from Besiktas with ferries.There are nice restaurant cafes and also there are two nice street Bagdat and Bahariye.  Read these links about Kadikoy..

Here is a video guide for 10 must see attractions in Istanbul.

We would be glad to see you in Istanbul!!!


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