MUN Country Profile Activity

Dear MUNers,

Here is a wonderful activity to do a research on your allocated country. You should know all these details about your country before attending conferences.

Country Profile Activity
Part I. Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

Physical  Geography

1. What is your country’s official name?
2. What region of the world is your country located in?
3. How big is your country in square miles?
4. Who are your country’s neighbors?
5. How would you describe your country’s physical features and climate?
Cultural Geography
6. How many people live in your country?
7. What is your country’s ethnic composition?
8. What is your country’s official language? What other languages are
spoken in your country?
9. What is your country’s capital? What are some of its major cities?
10. How would you describe the quality of life for the average person living
in your country?
Political Geography
11. When was your country founded?
12. What type of government does your country have?
13. Who are some of your country’s leaders?
14. How many people serve in your country’s military?
15. Who are your country’s allies? Who are your country’s enemies?
Economic  Geography

16. What is your country’s total gross domestic product (GDP)?
17. What are some of your country’s natural resources?
18. What is your country’s currency?
19. What are your country’s major exports and imports?
20. Who are your country’s biggest trading partners?
Part II. Prepare a brief presentation that answers the following the questions.

How do you say “Hello!” in the official language of your country?

Briefly describe the history of your country.

Name one major difference between this country and the United States.

What is one important problem facing your country?


Dowload as PDF document: Best-Delegate-Country-Profile



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